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Klaus R. Kunzmann The German Theatre Landscape: An Overview

Abstract Theatres have along tradition in Germany. Rooted in Greek, Christian and feudal history, theatres play an important role in the German society and in public life, both in an educational and an entertaining dimension. All cities in German with a population above 200.000 have a public theatre maintain local companies offering frequent performances of operas, dramas and dance as well as classical music, financed from local budgets. In addition a wide range of smaller theatres and theatre festivals as well as folk theatres can be found in large, medium-size and small cities across the country. Education in secondary schools introduces students into the theatre tradition and organizes voluntary theatre groups. A large number of colleges and specialised universities offer professional education in the field. Private and public television and film corporations benefit from their educational and training competence. The presentation will give an introductory overview over the German theatre landscape, describe challenges and achievements, and assess the importance of the theatre landscape for urban development in times of value changes caused by globalization and digitalization.

【開催概要】 ■日 時 2018年12月19日(金)16:40-18:10 ■会 場 政策研究大学院大学 3A(東京都港区六本木7-22-1) ■講 師 クラウス・クンツマン氏(ドルトムント大学 名誉教授)

■題 目 The German Theatre Landscape: An Overview ■内 容 ドイツにおけるシアターマネジメント

■言 語 英語(逐次通訳付)

■主 催 政策研究大学院公共政策プログラム文化政策コース ディレクター・教授 垣内恵美子


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