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サマープログラム2019|Experience Roppongi - Presented by DMO Roppongi

2019年8月30日(金)サマープログラムの一環として、DMO六本木主催 第五回「Experience Roppongi - Presented by DMO Roppongi」が開催されました。昨年の六本木ヒルズから舞台を移し、今年度の会場は乃木会館。本学から約20名の外国人留学生が参加いたしました。


■A culture of hospitality: Geisha

This talk and workshop offer the chance to experience Japanese dance while learning the keys of customer hospitality, Japanese dance elements and their meaning.

■Bushido: Kendo

This talk and workshop discuss the history of kendo as well as the bushido spirit, with the chance to experience kendo in a kendo-jo.

■Japanese cuisine: Dashi

This talk and tasting cover the very important role of dashi in Japanese cooking and include extracting dashi and sampling foods that use dashi.

(写真提供:Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Roppongi)



DMO Roppongi presents the 5th “Experience Roppongi” ■ Date: August 30, 2019 (Fri) 13:30-16:30 ■ Location: NOGI KAIKAN ■ Price: Free of charge ■ Number of participants: Up to 20 people


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